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Is this programme for you?

I have some experience

I have some experience teaching English but I’d like to learn more strategies and help my learners in acquiring a second language in a more efficient way.

I'm a novice teacher

I’d like to start doing things right and really hit the ground running. I have  no experience teaching English but I know I need to offer the best to my students.

I am a seasoned teacher.

I’ve been teaching English for many years but I feel I’m stuck in a comfort zone. I’ve been using the same teaching strategies for years now and desperatly need to learn new teaching frameworks.

What is waiting for you?

I’ll share with you what I learned in courses like TKT, Celta, Delta, FTBE and from courses in institutions like International House London and Pilgrims. 

You’ll have support through our whatsapp group, an exclusive digital platform and a 24/7 reprise page where you’ll be able to rewatch our live sessions as many times as you wish up to 3 months after the end of our course. I’ll be by your side the entire programme. 

I dont believe in one size fits all solutions. Therefore you’ll get all the personalised support in your journey with me. 

Our whatsapp group is a place for knowledge sharing and life saving tips that will be posted by me and your peers. 

Everything you’ll be exposed to is the result of years in the classroom and an uncountable number of courses attended and ELT books read. Everything shared in this programme can be used in your next lesson.

By using  up-to-date teaching techniques you’ll be closer to having that unshakable confidence we all aspire to have as ELT professionals. 

“It has been said that teachers who have been teaching for twenty years may be divided into two categories: those with twenty years’ experience and those with one year’s experience repeated twenty times.” 

(Ur 1996: 317)

1st session-
Lesson planning:

You'll learn lesson frameworks suitable for beginner and advanced students. You'll also get downladable lesson plan templates for free 🙂

2nd session-Contextualising lessons and clarifying language

What are efficient ways to contextualise a lesson? Is there a better tactic to cover language in a way that is more inducive to learning? We will delve into the above and many other questions in this session.

3rd Session- Free practice: Hands on examples

It's been said that the free practice is the most relevant moment of our lessons. However, how can you make this stage more memorable and effective. Well give you hands on examples of free practice tasks that you can use in your next lesson.

4th session- Developing speaking sub-skills

There's more to speaking sub-skills development than meets the eyes. We'll delve into ways of developing speaking sub-skills like appropriacy, turn-taking, repair and repetition, fluency and others.

5th session- Teaching reading and listening

When we teach receptive skills - reading and listening - our focus should be on developing students reading or listening sub-skills. In this session we'll see practical ways of doing that.

6th session - Teaching writing

Writing is often seen as the neglected skill in ELT. You'll learn two different yet effective ways of teaching writing, the product and process approach.

7th Session-Spicing up your lessons

How about using games, activities and songs that will positively transform your classes? You'll learn many of these life saver strategies that are in line with second language acquisition principles and will motivate your students., resulting in more retention, learning and word-of-mouth advertisement.

8th session- Error correction

When should we correct our learners? What strategies are more effective? When should we not correct them and why? This session will be based on my experience teaching students from a myriad of contexts and the studies conducted and/or compiled by Julian Edge and Richard Walton/Mark Bartram.

9th session-Assessment strategies and alternatives

In this session we'll focus on formal and informal assesment strategies like feedback, formative, summative, criterion-referenced, diagnostic, portfolio and others. This will help you collect precious information about your students' progress and base your next teaching decisions upon those results.

10th session -Introduction to Task Based, the lexical approach and Dogme

Task based, the lexical approach and dogme are cutting edge teaching approaches that you can use - especially - bearing in mind your students language in need and emergent language. They're ideal to help your learners to leave the intermediate plateau. We aim to make you familiar with these two teaching approaches.

Programme's features.

Live sessions!

10 online sessions on Saturdays 21/03, 28/03, 04/04, 11/04, 18/04, 25/04, 02/05, 09/05, 16/08 and 23/05 from 4:00-5:00 pm. Some sessions may last over one hour according to the topic covered and/or on demand.


Each and every session will be recorded so if you miss a session or feel like rewatching it you'll be able to do so as many times as you wish for 1 month.

Dedicated and personalised digital platform!

We'll have a dedicated and personalised platform with extra resources and tasks to consolidade your learning.

Exclusive Whats'app group!

You'll have at your fingertips a powerful networking tool conducive to making new professional connections, a disruptive learning experience and direct contact with your tutor.

Free mentoring session!

Enrollments made by the 10th of March will get - entirelly for free - a one hour mentoring session with Julio Vieitas.


Julio Vieitas
Celta guest tutor 100%
Vast experience as an English teacher 100%
20 year experience as Teacher trainer 100%
Has trained more than 1000 teachers 100%
Article and E-books writer 100%
Experience as teacher, teacher trainer, coordinator and academic manager 100%

What is said about us...

Minimum requirements

  • 5 mb broadband
  • Gmail account
  • Laptop or pc
  • Microphone and earphone or headsetl
Sales in ELT

Choose your best investment option!


R$ 450


R$ 225


R$ 37


Limited number os seats;

The programme delivery is in English.



1. Hands on programme that will give you tips and strategies you can use in your next class.

2. Strategic contents that epitomise the DNA of English language teaching.

3. Sessions supported by real life class experience and down-to-earth academic research.

4. Compiled solutions suitable for novice and experienced English teachers.

5. Whatsapp group to boost your networking and share/learn new teaching strategies.

6. Live online sessions that allows you to participate wherever you are.

7. If you miss any session you can watch the reprises 24/7 up to the 25th of August.

8. Official certificate.

9. Direct contact with your tutor (really fast response rate).

10. Dedicated and personalised digital platform to enhance your learning performance.  


The investment for this programme is derisory compared to the lasting results you’ll be able to yield. Imagine how much you’ll offer to your students and how many “wow” effects you’ll have in your lessons!


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Yes, the sessions will be delivered live via zoom on Saturdays from 4 to 5pm

Yes, you can take it wherever you are!

We’ll send you a confirmation email up to 72 business  hours upon payment confirmation. Please check your inbox and spam folder after this period of time.

Sure, just get in touch after the course end to receive your certificate.

Choose your best investment option!


R$ 450


R$ 225


R$ 37


Limited number os seats;

The programme delivery is in English.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions:)

Whatsapp: +55 (11) 9 8036 4542
MON-FRI 09:00 - 21:00, SAS 09:00 - 17:00