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Is this programme for you?

I have some experience

I have some experience teaching TOEFL but I’d like to learn more strategies and help my learners in getting the best results in the TOEFL exam. 

I'm a novice teacher

I’d like to start doing things right and really hit the ground running. I have  no experience teaching TOEF but I know I need to offer the best to my students.

I am a seasoned teacher.

I’ve been teaching TOEFL for a while but I feel I’m stuck in a comfort zone. I’ve been using the same teaching strategies for years now and desperatly need to learn new teaching frameworks.

What is waiting for you?


I’ll share with you what I learned helping zillion of students in achieving excellent results in the TOEFL exam.


You’ll have support through our whatsapp group, an exclusive digital platform and a 24/7 reprise page where you’ll be able to rewatch our live sessions as many times as you wish up to 1 month after the end of our course. I’ll be by your side the entire programme. 


I don’t believe in one size fits all solutions. Therefore you’ll get all the personalised support in your journey with me. 


Our whatsapp group is a place for knowledge sharing and life saving tips that will be posted by me and your peers. 


Everything you’ll be exposed to is the result of years in the classroom and an uncountable number of courses attended and ELT books read. Everything shared in this programme can be used in your next lesson.


By using  up-to-date teaching techniques you’ll be closer to having that unshakable confidence we all aspire to have as ELT professionals. 

“It has been said that teachers who have been teaching for twenty years may be divided into two categories: those with twenty years’ experience and those with one year’s experience repeated twenty times.” 

(Ur 1996: 317)

1st session:
About TOEFL iBT:

You will figure out the new exam structure and all its latest news. You will understand the candidates´ profile, help them carefully plan their studies and more. This means you'll know the ins and outs of the exam and by all means this will help you sell more classes.

2nd session:
Speaking 1

You will learn all the steps in order to help TOEFL takers build the necessary skills (time management, designing templates, taking notes, delivering their answer and more) for the independent question and integrated question 1 and stand out on the Speaking section.

Julio Vieitas basics of ELt 4

3rd Session
Speaking 2

You will learn all the steps in order to help your students build the necessary skills (time management, designing templates, taking notes, delivering your answer and more for integrated questions 2 and 3) to stand out on the Speaking section. Plus, you will understand the Speaking grading rubrics.

4th session
Writing 1

You'll Learn how to successfully prepare test takers to plan their writing, outline major points, organize ideas, synthesize information from different sources for the integrated task and more on the Writing section.

5th session
Writing 2

This session will focus on how to successfully prepare candidates to brainstorm ideas, plan their writing, paraphrase and effectively deliver their written response for the independent task and more on the Writing section. Also, you will understand the Writing grading rubrics.

6th session

I'll show you all the listening question types, prepare your students to take good notes, use abbreviations and pace themselves as they listen. On top of that, learn a few special secrets to help candidates succeed in dealing with the conversations and lectures on the Listening module.


7th Session

Get ready to help TOEFL takers scan and skim passages in order to identify major points and key facts, recognize paraphrases, keep track of time and more as they read to find the right answers on the Reading section. Plus, you will know essential steps for boosting your students´ reading rate and fluency.

8th session
Taking the test

You´ll be familiar with the most trusted prep guides, software programs and more in order for candidates to have successful preparation for the TOEFL iBT. Besides, you will have some tips about the test center, and on how to be ready to do your best on test day.

Programme's features.

Live sessions!

08 online sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays (05/11, 07/11, 12/11, 14/11, 19/11, 21/05, 26/11 e 28/11) from 09:00-10:00 pm. Some sessions may last over 60 minutes according to the topic covered and/or on demand.


Each and every session will be recorded so if you miss a session or feel like rewatching it you'll be able to do so as many times as you wish for one month.

Dedicated and personalised digital platform!

We'll have a dedicated and personalised platform with extra resources and tasks to consolidade your learning.

Exclusive Whats'app group!

You'll have at your fingertips a powerful networking tool conducive to making new professional connections, a disruptive learning experience and direct contact with your tutor.

Free mentoring session!

Enrollments made by the 06th of November will get - entirelly for free - a one hour mentoring session with Julio Vieitas.

Your tutor

Sandro Dwarfy
CPE and TKT (modules 1-3) holder 100%
Founder of Global English 4U and TOEFL Success 100%
Vast experience as an TOEFL trainer 100%
Has helped hundreds of TOEFL candidates 100%
E-book writer 100%

What is said about us...

Minimum requirements

Sales in ELT

Choose your best investment option!


R$ 450


R$ 225


R$ 45,18


Limited number os seats;

The programme delivery is in English.



1. Hands on programme that will give you tips and strategies you can use in your next class.

2. Strategic contents that epitomise the DNA of Teaching TOEFL for optimum results.

3. Sessions supported by real life class experience and down-to-earth academic research.

4. Compiled solutions suitable for novice and experienced English teachers.

5. Whatsapp group to boost your networking and share/learn new teaching strategies.

6. Live online sessions that allows you to participate wherever you are.

7. If you miss any session you can watch the reprises up to 30 days after the session per se..

8. Official certificate.

9. Direct contact with your tutor (really fast response rate).

10. Dedicated and personalised digital platform to enhance your learning performance.  


The investment for this programme is derisory compared to the lasting results you’ll be able to yield. Imagine how much you’ll offer to your students and how many “wow” effects you’ll have in your lessons!


Perguntas mais comuns

Yes, the sessions will be delivered live via zoom on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 to 10pm.

Yes, you can take it wherever you are!

We’ll send you a confirmation email up to 72 business  hours upon payment confirmation. Please check your inbox and spam folder after this period of time.

Sure, just get in touch after the course end to receive your certificate.


Choose your best investment option!


R$ 450


R$ 225


R$ 44,25


Limited number os seats;

The programme delivery is in English.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions:)

Whatsapp: +55 (11) 9 8036 4542
Email: cursos@juliovieitas.com.br
MON-FRI 09:00 - 21:00, SAS 09:00 - 17:00